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Terrain Category Detail    
Terrain Category Detail
What is my Terrain Category?
Terrain Category is a measure of the wind-breaking effect of the terrain surrounding your building site. The more your building site is surrounded by trees, other buildings, etc. the less exposed it is to the full force of the wind. Below is a guide to assist you in your selection. If you are not sure of your terrain category, be sure to check with your local council.
When comparing quotes be sure you check that other companies have given you a quote on your correct wind region and terrain category.
Terrain Category 1 - requires strongest shed
diagram of terrain
This condition is rare. Exposed open terrain with few or no obstructions.
It is for isolated buildings in flat, treeless, poorly grassed plains of at least 10km width.
Requires the strongest shed which will affect price.

Terrain Category 2 - most common rural
diagram of terrain
Open terrain, grassland with few, well-scattered obstructions having heights generally from 1.5 m to 10 m.
This is the most common terrain category for rural sites.

Terrain Category 3 - requires least shed strength
diagram of terrain
Terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions 3 m to 5 m high such as areas of suburban housing.
This is the most common terrain category in suburban and wooded areas.
This will produce the least expensive shed.